annual conference
2020.1.6, foshan zhonghui textile printing and dyeing co., LTD. Annual ceremony held in foshan sanshui lubao hot spring resort.
Zhonghui group held this Thanksgiving ceremony to express our sincere thanks to our team, colleagues and families for their dedication in the past year.
guests gathered at the annual event, bringing unprecedented popularity to the resort. With a magnificent "inspire dream" opening dance, the scene of the annual meeting of foshan zhonghui textile printing and dyeing co., LTD.

Zheng yusheng, chairman of guangdong zhonghui group, delivered a speech. Mr. Zheng immediately expressed his sincere thanks to all his colleagues and "family" for their support and efforts. "As a pioneer, I made revolutionary innovations for China's textile industry, overcame the global economic downturn, lack of high-end talents, shortage of funds and other difficulties, and built an innovative Internet platform and grafted supply chain finance," said zheng dong. Our goal is to build a high-end fabric manufacturing enterprise with high quality, low price and fashion, establish a basic textile industry Internet that can meet users' personalized customization needs, and an integrated business model of the whole value chain. It is zhonghe people's textile dream to revitalize national industry and benefit all the people in the world. Let's join hands and take off 2020!" Zheng dong's speech was full of passion and ignited the dream in every heart.

Later, by the general manager of the group wang xiaoyuan on stage for the keynote speech. General manager wang xiaoyuan said, "a normal person has 28,000 days in his life. Seize the time and strive to reach his goal in the shortest time. Keep iterating yourself, on the way of learning, never lose its freshness. Have been temporary difficulties as "the test of god to me", the challenge for a long time has become a habit! Struggle on the road can not be too comfortable, although the road ahead is muddy, as long as we do not forget the original intention, forge ahead, the ideal of the day will eventually come. We're going to do what we can.
After Mr. Wang's keynote speech, the wonderful performance was repeated. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the birth of the motherland, the patriotic and home-loving zhonghui people sang "I and my motherland" and "towards rejuvenation" in the live chorus, pushing the joyous atmosphere of the annual meeting to the climax...

Chairman cheng yu-sheng (first from the left), factory director: cui p-lei (second from the right), director of human resources yu Lin (first from the right) presented awards and gifts to excellent employees of the factory in 2019.

One of the highlights of the evening, when the birthday of chairman zheng yusheng, all the staff wish him a happy birthday, good health, and better and better tomorrow.
Two of the highlights of the evening, when the chairman's son cheng yu-han and daughter cheng yitong co-hosted, as well as clever eloquence and flexible stage sense; Bring a lot of laughter to the guests.
The calligraphy exhibition of chairman zheng yusheng's three children in "han mo abundant poetic fragrance" is full of the fragrance of books. Three calligraphy works "heaven helps those who work hard, shi ya ren, tian ren ren and he" are well written, which also well explains chairman zheng yusheng's excellent idea of "governing industry and educating people".

In order to bring better programs to the honored guests and the big brothers and sisters of the factory, the whole party program was written and performed by all the staff of zhonghui group, which greatly enriched the staff's spiritual and cultural life and team cohesion.
At the end of the program, the song "tomorrow will be better" expresses the good wishes of all employees of zhonghui group for tomorrow. 2019, back away, we wave goodbye! 2020, with the arrival of spring, we laugh, welcome! With the recovery of the earth, the thaw of the ice, business quietly approaching! This spring, will be the spring of the textile industry, is also destined to be the spring of zhonghui.

In the chairman of the banquet toast, dinner dinner dinner officially began!
During the meal, there was a flurry of cash raffle rounds, with many employees receiving their first red envelopes for the New Year and witnessing good fortune with all the guests.

During the banquet, chairman zheng yusheng and general manager wang xiaoyuan, holding glasses in hand, led the company's management team to every table, toasting thanks to the brothers and sisters who had worked hard for a year, and extending good wishes to thank everyone for their hard work and company all the way.
Guangdong zhonghui group will take the service brand as the direction, to build a high-end fabric production enterprise with high quality, low price and fashion as one, to establish a basic textile industry Internet that can meet users' personalized customization needs, and an integrated business model of the whole value chain.
The annual dinner party ended in joy. I believe that in the New Year, under the leadership of chairman zheng and general manager wang, zhonghui group will scale new heights again.
Let us join hands to advance, soar 2020!

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