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Guangdong Zhonghui Textile Holdings Co., Ltd. is a modernized textile enterprise which principally engage in the development, manufacture and sales on denim and knitted fabrics.
The headquarters of our Group is located in Fuli International Financial Center, Foshan Nanhai Qiandenghu  Financial High-tech Zone , Guangdong Dawan District intellectual Industry Center, China. In China, we have10 large-scale regular chains in the biggest professional cloth markets in South China and East China;we have oversea offices located in the United States, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, which are responsible for the international trade. Over the years, we have built an excellent business reputation and have been supplying quality fabrics to internationally renowned apparel brands such as UNIQLO, ZARA,GAP...
Our production base is located in Datang Industrial Park, Sanshui, Foshan. Covering an area of 100000 square meters, the base is equipped with highly automated production facilities, including dyeing, knitting/weaving, finishing machines. All procedures are in intelligent manufacturing and central control standardization. The capacity of denim fabric is more than 60 million meters, and the annual output of knitted fabric is more than 50000 tons. In order to improve the product supply system, 30 000 square logistics storage area together with logistics fleet are established especially for domestic distribution. 
Years ago, Zhonghui Textile Laboratory was set up to focus on R & D, highly valued on the patent of intellectual property rights, and on the technology and fashion style of products. And over the years, Zhonghui has became a national high-tech textile enterprise with many national awards.

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Water-washing Engineering Department:
The classic denim fabric must requests washing process. 
With all kinds of washing, manual grinding and the latest laser technology, simple or complicated, freely cut, our fabrics are presented into unique style. 
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Enterprise vision: Professional, dedicated, single-minded, craftsmanship, perseverance, make zhonghui an aircraft carrier in the international fabric industry.
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