About Us
About Us

Rejuvenate the national textile industry, benefit to people around the world, is the dream of Zhonghui people! 
Zhonghui Tex Group has gone through a rough patch to explore the new business mode. During this process, we had paid great efforts and cost. With a herald's attitude, we revolutionized China textile industry, overcame the difficulties on global economic decline, such as the shortage of top talents, the shortage of funds. And we still continuously improve the textile mode, integrate industrial resources, explore the huge business opportunities hidden in Internet and graft financial services on to supply chain. 
Our goal is to create a high-end fabric manufacturing enterprise which is highly competitive in storage, price and style; our goal is to establish an Internet platform for textile industry, which meet the personalized and customized requirements of the users; our goal is to construct an innovative business mode of the full value chain integration.
 Chinese textile industry has been developing vigorously through the joint efforts of our people for decades, and the "The Internet Plus Initiative " has pushed China based textile industry into the forefront of the times. Participate into the transformation of China textile industry has become the responsibility and mission of each of us! 
Dear Friends, facing new opportunities in China textile market, We Zhonghui people will continue to work with the development concept "Share interests with the world, Make win-win cooperation". To unite old friends, to meet new friends and to strengthen our textile business together.

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