Company Technology
Company Technology

Water-washing Engineering Department:
The classic denim fabric must requests washing process. 
With all kinds of washing, manual grinding and the latest laser technology, simple or complicated, freely cut, our fabrics are presented into unique style. 
Zhonghui Tex Group has invested heavily in setting up a washing workshop and introduced advanced water-washing equipment. The washing effect of every denim fabric can be well presented through all kinds of changing techniques
126 professional core technical staff are work together to ensure high quality and stability of the product under strict and intelligent production and operation quality control system.
Innovative Creation, Standardizing Laboratory:
Innovative R & D capability is the core competitiveness of enterprise. Zhonghui Tex Group always pays attention to the trend of the fabric market, independently develops new materials and processes, applies the latest R & D achievements into new products, and launches them to the global market at the first time.
All-side Understanding on Production Technology:
Continuous R & D of innovative technology is a strong guarantee for environmental protection. It can provide a high-quality fabric for worldwide top customers, and make it possible for garment innovation based on the textile technology. 
Deep thinking on the environment protection and comfort of the garment, is the internal driving force that support us to become the most innovative value textile enterprise in China. We regard a qualified corporate people as our own responsibility,  and it is this belief that accompany Zhonghui went through a 20-sustainable-development year.
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